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What is SEO - Learn it here in simple words

What is SEO - Learn it here in simple words


 SEO mean Search Engine Optimization - Now a days thousand of people searching about Seo around the world on internet. They lost huge money on Seo Companies, then they start getting huge traffic. But my mind, my method, and my cost of Seo is changed then all others. I will show you free Seo Optimization, I think after read out this post you will no need to buy Seo Software, Seo Tools, etc. or getting help from any other sites or persons about Seo Jobs, Seo Tutorials, Seo Training, Seo Techniques, etc.

What is Seo? 

  As i mention above Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a process with which you can get "organic", "free" and "natural" traffic from all major search engine such is Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engine does not want any payments to listed your blog / website in its search list. Seo further divided into two main parts.

On Page Seo

Off Page Seo

What is SEO - On page and off Page

On Page Seo

  On Page Seo mean optimize your website from inside. Below are some main points of On Page Seo, follow these points and get a high quality Seo inside your blog / website.
  • Design and Architecture: Your blog / website must have a good looking that attract visitors to its self. Size of your blog / website must less than 125kb. It will optimize your page and search engine will index it easily and fast. heavy pages does not index too fast.
  • Heading Tags: Heading tags is the most relevant one correct use of heading tags can give you high visits, choose right tag like H1 Website title, H2 for topic Heading, H3 for Sub-Topic-Heading, H4 minor heading, etc. <h1>website title name</h1>, <h2>Topic heading at posts</h2> respectively.
  • Main Keyword in the header tag: This is also called meta keywords or meta tags, mean you must have to add main keywords in meta tag's ex; If your blog is about money games, so you have to add something like "A world where you will get all games - Downloads Games, Play Online Games Here free, Games for computer, Games for mobile", etc. Now I think you will know what I want to express.
  • Reduce Javascripts & iFrames: A page having iFrame will get low visits. * Reason * search engine bot has no ability to read out iFrame they can't seek in iFrames that you paste in your webpage that's why search engine index it slowly and if I exceeded then the average so, as a result, search engine would ignore your blog/website, and that's too dangerous for your website/blog. So add less amount of Javscripts and iFrames to your site or blog.
  • Content: Content/Post are the main thing for any blog or website. Create 100% unique contents if you have no idea to create which type of post just share what's you have in your mind.
  •  Keywords: Keywords must have at least one word or have ( Phrase Words) like e.g., Download Adobe, So "Download Adobe" is one keyword phrase as well as I has also 2 keywords "Download" & "Chrome".
  • Keywords in post title: Keywords in the title must 100% unique it depends upon you how you have to make it unique.
  • At least one image per post: Your every post must have at least one image, no max limit.
  • Image name with the main keyword: Image name with the main keyword mean that your image must be related to your post title. Also, you must have to add ALT tag your image.
  • Description: As the keywords in post title is must just like that description is also must with description your post have no value. * Requirements of description * Your post must have at least 200words more than 200 words will give you high impression on search engine. Your post must follow the 4 conditions
  • Interlinking (internal linking): Interlinking mean add internal links to your post with different anchor text keywords of your post. For example; "I'm using windows 8, it have many advance features" here I make link windows 8 with my another post as a interlink/internal linking.
  • Internal links: Must tries to give internal links as reference. It will help you to get more Pageviews, as well as your visitor, will also not getting bored he learn more from your site. And, as a result, your visitor will not left your site or blog easily, as well as you will also get internal backlinks for your site and that's very good for you.
  •  Good Internal Linking of Posts: Good Internal Linking mean if you wanna want to make interlink of any keyword so make interlink of those keywords which you may know that related to keywords as I give an example above in Interlinking. I.e., "I'm using windows 8, it has many advanced features" here I make an interlink of "windows 8". If you click on "windows 8", you will see that I interlink it to the post "How to preview Windows 8.1" It is very related to "windows 8" keyword. It is called Good internal linking of posts.
  • No Follow External Links: No-Follow all external links its imperative to no-follow all external links, sometime's you will need to give outer interlinks as a reference or the that can help others. Like sometimes you will need to give wiki links, Google supports links or any other link. You must will have to make it no-follow How to make it no follow see it
  • No external links to irrelevant sites: That's mean do not give those external links as an interlink that not related to your required post it makes a bad impression about your experience. If any visitor sees something like that, he will run from your site or blog.
  • Main Keyword in category: Many people make 3-8 categories about one post that's absolutely wrong make one main Cat-Keyword with all related posts. Or use robot.txt and stop categories from indexing then you can use up to 3 categories per post. * Reason * I search engine index categories and you search bot caught you with 3-8 categories per post so search bot will think that you will be a copycat or duplicate content creator. As a result search engine will remove your post and reason you will get "duplicate content"

Off Page Seo

 On Page Seo mean Seo of your website or blog from out side. It is the most necessary part of Seo, with out Off Page Seo your blog can't take 1st page and first link place of Google.
  • Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is very necessary without social bookmarking you can not make an impression on search engines, search give patient to those websites and blog's which have high traffics. To taking too many visits for your site its not possible without social bookmarking. Make Facebook Fan Page, Google Plus ID, Twitter ID, Linked In ID and promote your feeds. Their are some social sites take it. 

  • Search Engine Submission: This is the most important submit your site or blog link to all major search engine submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo its difficult to submit your site to yahoo here is a way if you submit your site to Bing Search Engine and you verify it on Bing Webmaster so your site will be start indexing faster than ever on bing,yahoo index new links from bing so if your site being start indexing on bing it will also start indexing on yahoo. You can also add your site to many search engines free via Free Web Submission & iNeedHits tools. Note Do not submit your site more than one time, repeatedly submitting to one search engine may cause ignoring.
  • Directory Submission: Submit your site to all directories, with directory submission your site will getting pings from all directories. And with directories ping's search engines will see your site easily and many times. You can use Free Link Submission
  • Comment Posting: This a very easy, good and valuable option for getting backlinks from any site. Find high PR Blogs/Site and write a review and place your link inside that review. If you have no idea what review to write then use this site for generate free reviews
  • Forum Posting: Join forums that have PR1 or more than PR1 write any article related to that forum.
  • Writing Guest Posting: Find any blog or site that have more than PR1 contact the admin and tell them to give you a chance to write for his blog or site. And i indeed admin will give you a chance must

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