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Convert DoFollow Links To NoFollow

Convert DoFollow Links To NoFollow

What is DoFollow and NoFollow?


 DoFollow link(s) are those links which getting backlinks by click on it. For example if you have any site and you want to post here any link so those link(s) which are posted by you must will be DoFollow. DoFollow mean those links will getting backlinks from your blog/website.


 NoFollow link(s) are those which will not getting backlinks from your blog/website. It helps you much in website search engine optimization. It will help you to giving rank to your site easily :)

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How to convert DoFollow to NoFollow

Make any link any insert rel="nofollow" in it.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Free Of Cost Downloads</a>
Let me telling you that make all external links No-Follow its better for you, like your site will be complete with your required links like wiki links google supports links etc

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