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Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

About Disney's Hercules

Disney's Hercules is an action video game for PlayStation and windows 95. It was published by Disney Interactive on June 20, 1997. Its English version was released on November 14, 1997. It is based on the animated movie name Hercules. It was released after a week of the film's release.


Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC

Download Disney's Hercules 1997 For PC


  • OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium @ 90 MHz Processor
  • Video Memory: 4 MB
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Hard Drive: 60 MB Free
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 7.0
  • Game size: 19 MB


Download Disney's Hercules 1997

For extracting you may need WinRAR. Download WinRAR Latest Version

Video Tutorial

If you need any help, comment below or contact us.

Download WinRAR 5.40 x86 and x64 Free

Download WinRAR 5.40 x86 and x64 Free

One of the powerful file compressor and decompressor. On the internet almost all files are archived with RaR. You can archive your folder and send it on internet directly. With RaR archive you can place a password on your files as well.


How To Not Get Infected By Infected Programs | Sandboxie

How To Not Get Infected By Infected Programs | Sandboxie
Many software / programs such as cracks, patches, keygens having viruses, torjans, rats and malwares etc. But these cracks, patches, and keygens are very helpful too. We can register that any software that are very expensive, and we can't afford its expenses.

What to do?
How we can use them to not get infected?

For this purpose you may need a software name SandBoxie. Sandboxie actually separte the programs you are running in sandboxie from your operation systems and also block any unwanted changes to your data, programs and other application by that programs. You can simply open your browser in sandboxie to be safe from malware, torjens etc while you are surfing internet online. 

 According to LifeHacker "Let's admit it: sometimes, even though we know it's wrong, we all open the occasional sketchy program or file. We're not judging, but if you're going to do it, at least use protection. Enter Sandboxie, which lets you run programs independent of the rest of your system. That way they can't infect, access, or otherwise interfere with your Windows installation. It's also great for testing apps you aren't sure of or running multiple instances of an app that won't let you, so it's fun for the whole family"

Follow these steps to get safe

Download SandBoxie
Now install the sandboxie. After installation you are ready to open any infected file.

Right click on the infected file, choose Run Sandboxed.
Right click on the infected file, choose Run Sandboxed
Now in case any software require to run as administrator you can check the box here Run As Administrator, otherwise press OK.
Press OK
 Now your software is running in SandBox. If the title is in hash (#) like # Title # and a yellow box out side of your software mean its running in sandbox
Running in SandBox

Video Tutorial

That's all you can use your infected software / program without getting infected. If you have any question or query you can comment below or you contact me.

How Enable Adobe Photoshop 3D and Other Missing Features

How Enable Adobe Photoshop 3D and Other Missing Features

Many people are facing this problem, actually when you crack Adobe Photoshop it will disable the 3D and other features. Here's I found why this happened to you people. Follow my steps to get back all the feature that you missed after cracking the Adobe Photoshop CS3 , Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS6 etc. While Adobe Photoshop 7.0 don't have this features so you for this features you may need to download Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later.

So Follow These Steps and Get Back Your All Features.

I will cover this tutorial with Adobe Photoshop CS5 but this method will works for all version of Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1
Uninstall the current Adobe Photoshop CS# you have, And Reinstall it.
Now before cracking it, open the Adobe Photoshop CS#, as a trial version and you will see all features here. Now close it.

Step 2
Now crack the Adobe Photoshop CS#, and open the Adobe Photoshop CS# and you will see all the features are available.
How Enable Adobe Photoshop 3D and Other Missing Features

You May Like: Download The Full Version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Video Tutorial

If you need any help comment below i will be happy to solve it out.

How to Get 8 Ball Pool Long Lines [ Updated Hack ]

8 Ball Pool Long Lines

Today i'm gonna show you how to hack 8 Ball Pool game, this is simple and tricky. Just follow my steps and you will get the Long Lines and Guidelines in All Rooms.

How to hack 8 Ball Pool ?

Step 1
Download CT Mega Trainer
Extract the RAR file and then wait open the file CT-MegaT-v1.5.exe

Step 2
8 Ball Pool Long Lines
Choose Hacks > Then select the game 8 Ball Pool
A new windows will open.

Step 3
8 Ball Pool Long Lines
Select the browser where you open the game 8 Ball Pool. As I open the game in chrome i will choose chrome and then click Select Browser.

8 Ball Pool Long Lines

After the Browser is Connected. Click Enable All.
8 Ball Pool Long Lines

You will see all hacks are Enabled. Now go and starts Playing Game.

8 Ball Pool Long Lines

8 Ball Pool Long Lines
Enjoy Winnings

Video Tutorial

If you need any help or you have any problem comment here i will answer you and will try to fix your problem.

How to make FREE purchases in android Apps or Games

 How to make FREE purchases in android Apps or Games
Purchasing gems, coins, points etc for free are now few click away. Just follow my steps to buy anything in games or apps for free.

How To Make A Free Purchase in App

First of all you will need to download Freedom App. 
Download Freedom app:
After download install it. Then open it and goto setting then time and dates then change time zone to Moscow +04:00. After that you may need another app called root explorer
Download Root Explorer:
Now install root explorer and goto a folder in Root named Etc here you will find a file name hosts zip it and then delete it. After that restart your phone.

After restart your phone click freedom app, then you will see all your games and apps that required in app purchases. 
Apps and games in freedom
Click on the app or game that will be open click on store and click the gems coins or any the you want from store then click buy and done, checkout the screenshots below.
Before purchase


Payment successful

checkout the result after buying

If you are using Bluestacks you may learn: How root bluestacks 2

Video Tutorial

NOTE: This the emulator no body can do anything about it, it will not effect your gmail or anything. You can use it free of risk.

Thank you, if you have any question you can ask me by comment below or via contact us form.0

How to Root your Bluestacks 2, Video Tutorial

How to Root your Bluestacks 2

About Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a free app player to emulate any android app or games on your computer or laptop. 
"Bluestacks is an American technology company that produces the BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products." Wikipedia

How to Root Bluestacks 2

For rooting bluestacks you may need Bluestacks 2 version & Bluestacks Easy v3.5.

Download Bluestacks 2 :

Download Bluestacks Easy :

Install Bluestacks 2 in your computer or laptop, make sure that you have version, i have already provided you the link to that version download it.

After installation close the bluestacks 2, make sure that you close it from the tray it will be minimize at tray. 
Close Bluestacks

Now open Bluestacks Easy the software i provided you, already. Download that extract that, and after extract open BlueStacks Easy.exe

Change the memory to 2GB by click RegEdit and then Change the memory 2048 MB  and click Change Memory as shown in the below image.
Change the memory
After that click RootZ and then AutoDetect from Installed Bluestacks then choose KitKat then Rooting then Method 2 then Unsquashed System then click Proceed. Do it as shown below.
It will takes upto 2 minutes to root your bluestacks. 
Successfully Rooted
Your bluestacks will be rooted successfully. Open bluestacks and verify using root checker. But what? Yo got the error of something like The path is not of legal form ? Okey no worry let me show you how to fix it.
Click Ok and close the error.

Now Re-open Bluestacks Easy (if you closed it)
Click ADB then click Patch Bluestacks
Patch Bluestacks
Patch Bluestacks
It will automatically fix the problem, now try to open bluestacks.
Bluestacks rooted open successfully
Hurrah! Enjoy you have the rooted the bluestacks successfully, now you can run all apps and games that required root.

To verify root try Root Checker.
Root Checker

Video Tutorial

In case you have any problem just comment below i will answer your question.

Best Place To Invest Your Money Online | Ethtrade

I'm here to give you something really good again, as i saw many people asking, where to invest money, How to not get scammed etc? So my suggestion is to go with ethtrade you will never get scammed, because it is a company grows day by day. After 121 days of experience i would to share this with you people, as i have a very good experience.

What is Ethtrade?

A company with having professional traders. Which works 5 days in a week and trade some good percentage in the pairs of Ether/USD And Ether/BTC. They have very very good skills of trading they trade, and pay you on the basis of their profit.
Profit Result

My Experience With Ethtrade?

 I'm a member of ethtrade from last 248 days, and i totally like it, because they have a very good system, because they never pay a fix amount of percentage. They always paying you on the basis of there profit, if you earn 30% profit in a week so they will pay you something like 0.7%, sometime they will pay you 0.1%, they can also pay you 1.0% but 1% probability is very low because in trading stock market, it will be very unusual, nobody can pay 1% on daily basis.
Another thing i like in their system is they are arranging seminars in different countries like Shenzhen 09-03-2017, Korea 01-03-2017, Viet Nam 25-02-2017, India(Bangalore City) 05-02-2017 (Pune) 28-05-2017, Malaysia, Pakistan 14-05-2017 and many more. They have Club & conferences around the world and i can the see a bright future of Ethtrade.


My Withdrawals

Best Place To Investment Your Money Online | Ethtrade | Withdrawal

Want To Join Ethtrade? 

I would recommend you to join with my referral link, so that i will get 3% commission of your investment.
You can use their calculator to know about your approximate earning.

After join you will see an invest box below. Choose one depending upon which one you like.

Choose One | Best Place To Investment Your Money Online | Ethtrade

After that choosing select Payment Mode And Enter Amount And then click Create A Portfolio You can Invest with Bitcoin, Ethrum and USD

Select Payment Mode And Enter Amount | Best Place To Investment Your Money Online | Ethtrade

And pay the amount and that's all. They will pay you 5 days in a week because at weekend stock market is closed for investors.

Video Tutorial

Withdrawal Proof May 2017

Payout: 0.183210 BTC

Payout: 0.1000 BTC


Pakistan: Some good news for Pakistani's. Ethtrade open a club in Lahore, Pakistan. You can meet them in personal. Then club open Sunday on May 14, 2017 At Punjab Stadium located on Harfees Kadar Rd, near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ethtrade in Lahore, Pakistan
Ethtrade in Lahore, Pakistan
Click to Zoom
India: Ethtrade open a second club in Pune, India on 28/05/2017. They had already one club in Bangalore City, India which was opened on 05/02/2017.

Address: 'Laxmi Rang' Building, Office no. 1, Near S. P. College, Khajina Vihir Chowk, Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411030


To find more news check it out here : signup and goto news.

If you have any question or query you can ask me.



LIVE | PSL Final 2017 05-March-2017 Official Streaming
PSL Closing Ceremony | PSL final | 5 March 2017
Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators Live Stream
Quetta Gladiators VS Peshawar Zalmi Live Stream 
HBL Pakistan Super League
Pakistan Super League Live STREAM
Quetta Gladiators
Peshawar Zalmi

Congratulation Peshawar Zalmi , On winning this wonderful match.
Congratulation Peshawar Zalmi had a good game

Peshawar Zalmi 148 /6 (20.0)
Quetta Gladiators 90 /10 (16.3)