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Surface model rumors LTE-Advanced and 5S budget IPhone

Surface model rumors LTE-Advanced and 5S budget IPhone
Surface model rumors LTE-Advanced and 5S budget IPhone

In need of a daily dose of rumors about future iPhones? Well, a blog in Chinese economic demands, the iPhone is on the road, while the Korean media were expecting a version of the iPhone 5S with LTE high speed. Let's start with the most colorful rumor. Chinese blogs Technology lieyunwang demands - BrightWire - Hon Hai Precision (aka Foxconn) has begun production of the iPhone input range, which should be available in several different colors. What colors? A French website has posted photos from Monday to demonstrate the back color plates. Meanwhile, the Chinese language report said the low-cost model is similar in the price of the iPhone 4S.
It should be noted that T. H. Pegatron CEO Tung - are also expected to make the phone - said last month it will not actually anything cheap. It is expected that the entry-level iPhone appears in the latest iPhone rumor timeframe.The fall 5S is harder to sink your teeth because it's just speculation on discussions between SK Telecom and Apple Korea South. Basically, it's about getting the LTE-Advanced technology in a version of 5S. This is interesting, because it would download speeds of 150 Mbps potential, about twice as fast 4G LTE speeds available in the United States and other countries.

For customers in the United States, the technology would probably not accessible. SK Telecom is the only global company that supports the technology, although U.S. companies have plans.

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